Some Questions I Plan to Explore


  • How can processes be advanced that substitute the generation and application of knowledge for the accumulation of material wealth and the perception of social status as society’s central aims?
  • What is learning? What is education? What is a learner? What is an educator/teacher? What is the purpose of each?
  • How can teachers decide when to guide learning experiences directly and when to relinquish control to their students?
  • Should the teacher-student dichotomy fall by the wayside and be replaced with a mutual learner paradigm? Is that too liberal? What should a replacement paradigm look like?
  • How can teachers and students honestly and authentically participate in a collapsing education system? Is it ever appropriate to walk on eggshells? How can innovators – both students and educators – exhibit courage and confidence without being shot down?
  • What attitudes, orientations, lines of action, communication methods, tools, etc. facilitate widespread, authentic, creative development of curricula that respect students as learners?
  • How can diverging perspectives be reconciled? What methods and attitudes help groups practice effective consultation?
  • What principles should guide efforts at coordination and systematization?

Possible Case Studies of Learning Frameworks

  • BIG Ideas Group
  • Big Picture Learning
  • TED / GEL
  • Homeschooling
  • Formal Primary & Secondary Education
  • Various Systems of Higher Education
  • Ruhi Institute

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