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I’m working on becoming a better teacher. I also cannot stop ruminating about, and seeking answers regarding, big questions about what it means to be a productive human being and what education is all about.

Like many teachers I am actively learning more about implementing such pedagogical elements as whiteboardingmodelinginquirybased active learningstudent-generated questions, and standards-based grading.

Unless/until I have pressing breakthroughs or questions about these subjects, you won’t find much commentary on them in this blog. Instead, my focus will be on the approaches, attitudes, and methods that are conducive to advancing the culture of education systems. That said, I won’t be posting much for a while because my energies are with my family and my students in the five courses I am learning how to teach simultaneously.

I will, however, be writing for the flagship standards-based grading blog ThinkThankThunk. Until, I put up a blogroll, that is my top recommendation for anyone interested to learn about science and/or math education – or teaching in general!

This Person

Southern New Jersey was my childhood home. After starting my physics degree at Rutgers University, I took a year off to volunteer for the Ministry of Education and the Baha’i community of  Saint Kitts and Nevis. My experiences there coupled with the following verses from Scripture helped me decide to enter the field of education.

“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”

“Among the greatest of all services that can possibly be rendered by man to Almighty God is the education and training of children…”

Before finishing my Ed.M. in physics education, I TA’ed, student taught, studied nuclear physics at ORNL, studied surface chemistry at UMN and Augsberg, and met the woman who would be my wife. I taught high school physics in New Jersey for a year. I got married and moved to West to join my wife who was studying at Iowa State.

After a year of subbing and working as a tax preparer, I’m teaching physics, chemistry, Earth science, introductory engineering, AND digital electronics.

Leif Segen
mr [dot] segen [at] gmail [dot] com

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