Physics Games

A friend at work passed along this game advertised for being a physics game. What follows is my response – by no means intended to knock the linked game. (I haven’t tried it yet.)

I’ll give it a shot on our iPad tonight. Lots of games include physics in the software (Minecraft, COD, WOW, Halo, Portal, AngryBirds), but I’ve found it challenging to help students decipher anything meaningful about relaitonships between quantities in the games. It’s too easy (and fun) to just use pattern recognition to play the game without caring about meaning.

Dan Meyer and Dave Major are working to make super meaningful and intuitive and collective-inquiry-based learning apps.

The team at The Universe and More is working to make kick-butt, fun, meaningful apps. Rob and I have used them to give students kinematics graphing practice, but I need to figure out how to keep students focused on applying the graph skills with out skipping to pattern-matching. There’s no height this team can’t reach, though.

Worth mentioning also is SimInsights. I’ve worked directly with them and can attest to their high vision and goal of also contributing fully to inquiry-based learning. They’re committed to using sound pedagogy. A strength of theirs is seeing themselves as collaborators with thought-partners who want to advance education systems.

Finally, I’d be remiss to not mention the creative and collaborative efforts of Brian, Frank, and John who are people I turn to when I want inspiration for developing my own physics simulations – or dare I someday say games?

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